About World of Leggings

World of Leggings

World of Leggings is a company that specializes in women's fashion for the legs.  Yes, we have more leggings than pretty much anyone else with more styles, fabrics, colors and designs but also bodysuits, jumpsuits, panty hose, accessories, shorts, bell bottom leggings and so much more.  World of Leggings is all about having fun and expressing yourself and your legs.  

As for leggings, World of Leggings is always on the leading edge of all styles of leggings.  Everything from cotton leggings, basic leggings, leather leggings, metallic leggings, high waisted leggings and more.  Color is a very deal with the leggings and styles we like to make available but so are the basics.  Basic leggings from cotton to rayon to spandex are what we specialize in as well.  High quality made in the USA products.  Virtually all of our leggings are made right her in the United States and you can tell in the quality of fabric, stitching and overall design.

Need help? Email us at Support@WorldofLeggings.com