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For over 12 years, World of Leggings has been the leading authority on women's leggings online in the USA. We've seen every seasonal trend, fabric style and design that there is to see. Some have lasted the test of time while some legging style and designs have faded away. One thing is for sure, World of Leggings will always give you the best choice and selection at the best prices with the very best in class service!


Being the Best in Leggings Isn't Easy

It means having to be one step ahead of everyone else in the women's fashion business to see incoming trends and styles, to understand what kind of fabrics are the best to use and what the seasonal trends will inspire in new leg fashion styles. In a world where Amazon has destroyed countless small businesses in the United States, we work hard to give you a better shopping experience, a better price and a better quality product compared to anything available on Amazon.


We Thank You for Being Our Customer

It may sound like a simple thing to thank those who have trusted us for their choice in leg fashion, but it's really a bigger deal than you may think. We have tried hard to be a viable choice in the places you want  to spend your hard earned money and it is a compliment when our customers come back to us to trust us in the fashion choices. There really is no bigger compliment and the World of Leggings thanks you for allows us to be a part of your fashion experience!







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