Ecommerce Security

1. World of Leggings NEVER Stores Your Credit Card information

World of Leggings NEVER keeps or stores your credit card information. Your transaction is processed through does not save, keep or store your credit card information. uses the most secure merchant credit card processor in the world, Authorize.Net is owned by Visa (NYSE: V).

2. We Only Ever See the Last 4 Digits of Your Credit Card Number

World of Leggings only sees the last 4 digits of your credit card number for order tracking.


3. Who is

Authorize.Net is a wholly owned subsidiary of Visa (NYSE: V).

4. How is Your Information Handled When You Purchase at World of Leggings?

When you purchase at, your entire transaction is processed on's servers. No part of the transaction occurs on our servers.  When you hit "Purchase", processs the transaction and sends back to us, a confirmation that the transaction is completed.  World of Leggings NEVER sees or knows your credit card number or information.  

5. Why Are there So Many Hacks and Credit Card Thefts? 

This is because most other ecommerce retailers actually store your credit card information on their servers, World of Leggings NEVER does.  The more places your information is stored, the higher the chances that cyber hackers can steal your information.  We do not want to know your credit card information and leave the entire process to  This is because they are owned by Visa Corporation and they utilized the world's top cyber encryption technologies and procedures.  Not all ecommerce retailers take your security as seriously as Only Leggings. 

6. Who Is BRAVADA International Ltd.?

BRAVADA International Ltd is a publicly traded company (Symbol BRAV) and the parent company of World of Leggings. BRAVADA specializes in women's fashion, fashion leggings and associated women's apparel.

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