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Made in the USA Women's Fashion

World of Leggings takes pride in having a large part of its leggings, bodysuits, jumpsuits and women's fashion made right here in the United States of America. This is something that we believe in strongly for a number of reasons but first and mostly is that the quality, stitching and fabrics tend to be of a much higher quality. Our made in the USA leggings are a cut above what you would normally get from other leggings made over seas and it is not only in the stitch and fabric but it is also in the style patterns and how the garment fits your body. You may have noticed that when you have purchased your imported women's fashion that the cut does not seem right, the under arms feel tight or the waist band of your leggings constrict your hips while leaving your thighs somewhat loose and unflattering. This is very often what imported women's fashion can produce. World of Leggings is ALWAYS committed to the very best Made in America women's leggings and fashion and that is what we are all about.


Made in the USA is Just a Better Fashion Garment

There are so many reasons why World of Leggings is 100% committed to Made in the USA Leggings and women's fashion and it all starts with a better product. Having our leggings, bodysuits, jumpsuits, shorts, pants and women's fashion made in the USA gives us the immediate oversight of all of our women's fashion garments. We are able to move quickly to ensure that the stitch, cut and completion of any of our women's fashion pieces are up to our standards for high quality made in America fashion. Quality control is a very important element for all women's fashion retailers and it is something that we are dedicated to. Our high quality made in America leggings and jumpsuits have a quality that we are proud to offer to our customers because we know that you want only the very best leggings for the very best price.


Made in the USA Leggings Have Consistent Quality

Most of us have had that experience of ordering something online and receiving a product that is stitched wrong or one leg is longer than the other or even an uneven stitch on the arms or waist. After years of experience in women's fashion, World of Leggings knows that Made in the USA women's fashion has a consistency that is unmatched when it comes to quality production. It is very important to us that each size of large legging is the same size and cut as each and every other large legging. A small should fit like a small, a medium like a medium, a large as a large as well with all of our plus size leggings. Made in the USA fashion gives you the consistency that you want to know that what you are getting is going not only be a great fit but consistent with all of the products that you buy. Consistency in women's fashion is a very important ingredient in overall product quality and World of Leggings is committed to only the very best women's fashion.


Made in the USA Gives Jobs to Americans

World of Leggings proudly manufactures virtually all of its women's fashion and leggings in downtown Los Angeles. Ensuring that World of Leggings provides maximum benefit back to America is important to us. By manufacturing the majority of its women's fashion and legging products here in America, we are able to create jobs right here in the United States and provide maximum benefit back to our economy. There has been a lot of manufacturing jobs leaving America over the past 2 decades and it is something that has garnered much discussion. World of Leggings believes that keeping full economic benefit here in the United States is an important ingredient in bringing you the very best in women's fashion, leggings and bodysuits. Overseas manufacturers have asked us many times if we would like to manufacturer in China citing that World of Leggings could save money by manufacturing for less than half the cost. Our answer is always the same, World of Leggings manufacturers its leggings and women's fashion in America. We are proud of our commitment to the American worker.




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