World of Leggings CEO Danny Alex

World of Leggings Founder and CEO Danny Alex is one who can easily get excited about an exciting new fabric or a new innovative fashion style that accentuates and defines a woman’s body. From the beginning, Danny hand picks every style and fabric for each and every legging, bodysuit and women’s fashion leg garment that World of Leggings offers in store and online. Style, design, fabric and colors all combine to make a leggings playground for women who are looking for that perfect piece of leg fashion.


“Legs are a Movie, Not a Picture”

"I started World of Leggings with a simple goal in mind for women’s leg fashion, choice, choice, choice,” explains Danny Alex. “I get excited about new fabrics, colors and fashion styles for a woman’s legs that sets off her entire outfit, attitude and mood. This is what fashion is ultimately all about, its about wearing things that pick us up and make us feel sassy, sexy and help define who we are as a person. When I see a woman on the street, I look at her legs and want to see her legs setting off her outfit. I always tell women that they should focus on either their top or bottom to make their outfit. Let one or the other be the lead in capturing the mood of the outfit because when you try both, it can lead to some clashes and visual overload that does very little for the overall look. I tend to focus on a woman’s legs because there is nothing more inspiring than seeing a woman on the street that is turning heads with her legs. The world notices leg fashion for a very simple reason … it’s the legs and torso of a woman that are always in motion. It’s the movement of the legs that creates an instant visual expression. Legs are a movie not a picture.”


“One Word, Women’s Leg Fashion is ... Exciting!”

“As a woman, I am sure that you have had that moment many times where you see another girl wearing a pair of leggings or some other leg fashion piece that makes you have to look at her over and over as she walks on by. The fact is, it is not all about just wearing a pair of tight leggings, it can be a pair of bell bottom leggings, relaxed fit leggings, harem pants or even a bodysuit or jumpsuit. Women’s leg fashion is exciting because there are so many choices and fashion styles that a woman can choose from. Fabrics, styles, colors, designs and how you accessorize them and mix and match can be all the difference. When I see a woman wearing a pair of colorful leggings accented by a basic black top, that’s all I need. The basic black top sets off the colorful leggings and it can really be that easy creating an amazing outfit. Everyone notices a woman when her outfit has her legs as the lead fashion piece because the legs create a visual picture that cannot be ignored.”


“Women’s Leg Fashion is Limited Only By Your Imagination and Style”

“Each woman has her own style and not all pieces work the same on every woman. Every woman has her own shape and it is important to know what works and what may not. It is also important not to confine yourself to just the basics or a few basic fashion legging styles. Many women get stuck in a small box and limit their choices for leg fashion. It is important for a woman to try new styles and colors. I know so many women that would only wear black leggings or some kind of variation of charcoal but once they broke out of their fashion shell and tried on a new color or style, they came alive … their entire wardrobe began to expand in ways they never thought. I tell women all the time not to confine their legs to just a pair of black cotton leggings. Your legs are a motion picture that can have an amazing emotional and overall fashion impact on your wardrobe. Make your legs the center piece of some of your outfits and you will begin to see how much you may have been missing.”


"Feeling Sexy is an Emotion We All Want"

"Feeling sexy is a beautiful thing and it is something that each and all of us strive for whether its conscious or subliminal. Feeling sexy is the emotion by which we feel good about ourselves, its when we feel that our overall look is going to be most noticed by those that we wish to notice us. Feeling sexy is an emotion that you should never be embarrassed of or shy away from. Be proud of your sexuality, be proud of wanting to feel sexy and being sexy. Sexy is a way that we capture the world's attention and each one of us has our own sexy style. Fashion can be and is sexy. Your legs and how you dress them can be one of the main aspects to delivering and feeling your very best. There is no one definition of sexy nor is there one shape or style. Sexy is all about the individual and their personal affinity with their body, fashion and their aura. Use your legs as the amazing center piece that they are. Your legs are a canvass ready for creating a style and look all to your own. Some girls can make a pair of cotton leggings look sexy, some can make polka dot leggings look amazing while others can take a relaxed fit pair of harem leggings and have the whole world attention on them. A great fitting jumpsuit or bodysuit can be the fashion piece that some girls can take to the next level of sexy. The point is that each woman has inside them the ability to feel amazing about themselves. Women's leg fashion is something that a lot of women miss and I want to tell those women that they are missing an entire world of fashion that can be the catalyst in redefining their fashion wardrobe. The choices are endless and only limited by your imagination. Plus, you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars to redefine your leg fashion wardrobe. Be creative and be open to new ideas on being sexy in your own style."




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